Mentre ancora si dimane a disquisire sulla morte o meno della fotografia, e nello specifico anche del fotogiirnalismo, il New York Times si beffa delle polemiche e delle discussioni sui massimi sisteni della fotografia e ricerca figure professionali.

Apparso sul sito il 10 marzo 2018 QUESTO annuncio di ricerca figura professionale.

Now we’re looking for someone to lead this talented and diverse team and to become part of the visual leadership of the organization. We want to continue integrating photography and other forms of visual journalism into the fabric of our report — as closely as our words.
This role is one of the most important and high-profile jobs in visual journalism, and we’re seeking candidates with a rare combination of  journalistic experience, organizational expertise and extraordinary visual talent.
Candidates should demonstrate excellence in all aspects of photo editing, including:
Daily leadership of a large staff of photo editors and photographers who work across the globe, covering all subjects.
Candidates should be able to maintain high journalistic standards and sustain a level of excellence that makes photography a core component of The Times’s identity.
Sophisticated news judgment and a compelling vision for how The Times can produce world-class journalism and innovative storytelling. We’re looking for a strong digital sensibility, including the ability to recognize emerging techniques and platforms and a clear understanding of how to define a modern photo desk.
Strong grasp of feature and portrait photography and the ability to improvise visual solutions for news coverage that may not be obviously visual.
Sharp eye for talent and ability to recruit a diverse, first-rate team of photo editors and photographers.
Strong management skills. Able to motivate and guide a large and complex organization, including responsibility for staff members in harm’s way.
Sophisticated sense of design and how photography contributes to the overall visual excellence of The Times.
Deep understanding of the collaborative nature of work in the Times newsroom.
Candidates should know how to maintain highly-productive relationships with other visual units including Video, Graphics, Design and development teams, and they should be able to develop strong relationships with reporters and news desk editors.

L’annuncio esordisce autoincensandosi (a giusta ragione aggiungerei) con un:

The New York Times is a worldwide leader in photojournalism, earning multiple Pulitzer Prizes and World Press Photo awards in recent years and establishing standards for excellence and innovation that have been deeply influential across the industry. Photography is a central part of our identity. It’s how we bear witness to events that matter, and our Photo department is one of the treasures of our newsroom.

Come dargli torno?

Poi proseguono dicendo che stanno crecando una figura di talento, che possa gestire un nuovo team di fotogironalismo visivo, che abbia ottime capacità di gestione di questa tipologia di lavorazioni.
Insomma, vogliono dare più forza alla fotografia, al fotogiornalismo contemporaneo e alla qualità dei loro servizi.

Ora, al di la detta traduzione di un annuncio che sarete in gradi di leggere anche da soli, lo spunto è di riflessione!

  • Perché la tendenza è quella di pensare alla morte del fotogiornalismo mentre un media come in New York Times cerca di dimostrarci il contratio?
  • Perché le figure legate all’ambito della fotografia e del fotogiornalismo hanno un credito diverso (non voglio dire inferiore, anche se…) da noi?
  • Perché lo sviluppo contemporaneo della fotografia come linguaggio non viene letto come tale in tutti gli ambienti?

Inviterei a riflettere sulla questione, sull’annuncio e anche, se vi sentite i candidati ideali, perché no… proporvi!